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El Niño likely to develop at 50 percent later this year, says Australian Met


The entire recurrence of El Niño fiasco has another twist added to its story. Now, as per the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the possibility of the El Niño developing this year during the latter half has increased.

The El Niño tracker has been put to a watch possibility where it estimates the possibility of a recurrence at 50 percent currently.

The Equatorial Pacific atmospheric and ocean features have been suggesting the El Niño being of the neutral status. However, the changes in the recent times are now inclining towards the possibility of an El Niño developing in the year 2017.

Not only this, Jamstec, the national forecaster from Japan’s application laboratory is also of the view in their outlook that the Equatorial East of the Pacific Ocean is likely to observe warming. However, these outlooks happen to be exactly opposite of the previous estimation which said that La Niña would follow the El Niño of the year 2016 due to which conditions would be reversed in the Pacific.

The Australian Met in their previous estimations had ruled out the formation of La Niña in 2017. Now, it has gone a few miles ahead by posting regarding the lookout of an El Niño. The Bureau has also added that the Indian Ocean may witness neutral conditions. However, Jamstec has indicated of a dipole event in the Indian Ocean.

Image Credit: NOAA

Source: Skymetweather
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