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Submitting Articles on Fi24h.com


1. Can I submit an Article to Fi24h.com?

Yes, articles can be submitted for publication to Fi24h.com.

2. How do I submit an Article to Fi24h.com?

Please e-mail articles as Microsoft Word attachments, and image illustrations as a jpg, png or gif attachment, to: info@fi24h.com or fi24hinfo@gmail.com. Please include Article for Submission in the subject field.

Also don't forget to include your short biography.

3. What are submission requirements?

The following guidelines must be followed when formatting a document for submission to Fi24h.com:
  • Electronic submission is required; in Microsoft Word is preferable.
  • Non-English language articles are not encouraged.
  • Only original on topic articles are accepted by Fi24h.com. It may also be unacceptable to submit an article that overlaps substantially with your own previous work.
  • All submissions must be your original work, any articles found to be copies from somewhere else will be deleted without notice.
  • Article should be have high quality of content.
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4. What are types of articles accepted?

Articles may be factual recitations of research or analysis, or they may express the author’s opinion on a topic pertinent to Fi24h.com’s ethos. They may be an analysis or forecast of a financial market or investment strategy.

5. Who holds the copyright for submitted articles?

You as the writer retain the copyright to the article, and are ineffect allowing Fi24h.com to publish the article for an indefinite period of time at the sole discretion of Fi24h.com.

We may also edit your article, though other than improving the title (as we have a great deal of experience in posting articles and know what is likely to get viewers interest than what is not), this is rarely done to the actualy body of the article text.

6. How long should I wait to find out if my article will be published or not?

Usually if the article meets the sites guidelines, you can expect the article to be published well within 12 hours. However, no promises can be given i.e. weekends, holidays or high work load may lead to a longer period.

7. What are the benefits of submitting an article on Fi24h.com?

Fi24h.com is a high traffic free daily service and therefore receives a substantial amount of targeted traffic that author’s services benefit from.

Authors should include one or two urls to your website and brief description of the services offered / biography about yourself.

Note that there is no monetary recompense for published articles.

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